Dodge Challenger

DO billet metallicDodge Challenger RT Billet Metallic from Special Sale from different vendors, this one from Earth Republic Camp. HERE is a pic in daylight. Thanks Cellmate Frank for the pic!

DO Plum CrazyDodge Challenger RT Plum Crazy from Special Sale from different vendors. This one came from the vendor in Overpass(Click!). Thanks Szioul for the pics!

DO WhiteDodge Challenger RT Bright White from Special Sale mostly in Iron Demon Ranch(Click to see location). Thanks Herald for the pic.

dodge blackDodge Challenger RT Black from completing the Racing Pro pursuit.

DO PREDDodge Challenger RT High Performance Red i was a pre-order bonus. Not available anymore

D OrangeDodge Challenger RT Hemi Orange from Hidden Vendor(Click!).

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