A Nomad for everyone!

n Camo Pink

If you didn’t pre-order the game from Steam and you missed the Nomad know that Trion have added 2 Nomads to the Defiance in game store. So we have the RM Nomad V6 Camo Pink which costs 640 :cool: and the RM Nomad V6 Camo Black/Grey which will set you back 960 :cool:

Check them out HERE at the page dedicated to Nomads.

Thanks Clemonde for the tip!


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Vehicles of Defiance featured in the “Across the Badlands Episode 2″ stream

streamHey guys! Last night Vehicles of Defiance was featured in the ”Across the Badlands Episode 2″ as the fan find of the week (around 12:47)! Greg talked about it and of course  praised  it :) .

As Greg mentioned if you have a vehicle that is not posted here send it at craftedcrows@gmail.com and i will add it to the site.

You can watch the stream HERE

Thanks Greg, Elizabeth and the whole team at Trion for this!

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All vehicles are 50% OFF!


Yes you heard it right all the vehicles in the ingame store are 50% off. It was announced last night in the “Across the Badlands Episode 2″. While ingame press F5 and select “Vehicles”. This discount is made i quote “To celebrate episode 2, to celebrate Vehicles of Defiance……”

So there you have it guys! You get 50% discount on vehicles ingame because of this site :) .


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First Four Minutes from Ep 2.

If you can’t wait for episode no.2 than maybe I have something for you. The guys from Syfy posted on youtube the first four minutes from the second episode.

Check it out below:

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Defiance ON Sale!

salegmgYes you heard it right. Defiance is on sale on Greenmangaming. If you didn’t buy the game, do it now because the offer is available until 5PM GMT. So Defiance is 30% off and so is the Season Pass.

The game costs 41,99$ and the pass will set you back 27,99$ !! That is one sweet deal!

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Patch 1.010 Incoming!


Yes guys the 1.010 big patch is coming NOW! At the moment the servers are down and will be down for the next hour or more if things don’t go smoothly. And it is also rumored that they will add the new Episodic Content.

Check the final patch notes BELOW: Read more ›

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Defiance Store Promotion

Hey guys i just saw the in game store is having a promotion. No it’s not a vehicle it’s a headgear.
The Urban Commando is available for 60 :cool: Bits. So enter the game press F5 and find it under Headgear

head urban

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Freebies from Nathan Richardsson


So it looks like the “beast” has a heart :D . Just kidding! Anyways Nathan Richardsson, the Executive Producer of Defiance has made a blog post in the community page where he announces that everybody will receive some freebies in game:

• Exclusive Launch-Only In-Game Title: Daredevil

• 1-Week Weapons Skill Boost

• 1-Week Scrip Boost

• 1-Week Loot Boost

• 1-Week XP Boost

They will be automatically added to you account but as the states that for some it might take some time to activate on all the accounts because of caching.

You only need to redeem the title by pressing F5 in game and selecting “Claim Items”.


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Defiance Trailer: Upfront

A new trailer for the Defiance show has emerged. It’s pretty good so be sure to watch the show on Monday! Check it out down below:

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Two new A-Tex Growlers

Hey guys i added two new A-Tex Growlers, thanks to Kettlewell and Cellmate Frank. One of the Growlers is from Steam’s preorder bonus so it will not be available in game ingame anymore but Hey we will have it here for the history books :) . Check them both out at the A-Tex Growler page.

A-Tex Growler

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